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here are the few words about us…

B.De = Berlin Detail is a dual account of Milan and Michaelo – cream made of fashion design and communications management.

Our basic idea was to make a photo collection and to promote it through exhibitions in Europe. The plan was to start with equipment in Berlin, to develop it as „Berlinmetamorphosen“ and to present it first in Belgrade and then to go further and north…

Milan moved to Berlin first, Michaelo came a bit later and the „Berlinmetapmorphosen“ came to an ended. Actually with the end of „Berlinmetamorphosen“ began B.De = Berlin Detail – the collection of photos, inspired by Berlin and made for its fans all over the world (including both of us, of course). As it should be we talked to friends first…at least we are thinking so…and the opinions were completely different. And we love differences :), but at the end we decided to listen to ourselves because there is no better way then your way.

One client of ours wanted a photo print on a t-shirt. We did it and went one step further into developing B.De = Berlin Detail walking gallery…and decided to develop the idea completely using the entire web 2.0 and its possibilities as communication ways for B.De = Berlin Detail

Enjoy it as we enjoy every day making it, and stay tuned because the best is yet to come!

Friendly regards from Berlin

Milan and Michaelo

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B.De = Berlin Detail – Nature (of urban area)

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nature2_2009 Sometimes it’s very important for me to “enter” the “natural” part of urban life. There is no life for me outside the city limits…at least not for a longer period. But sometimes I feel the real need for a touch of nature there where I am. Berlin is very rich in “nature”, that’s simply the fact and here is one small part of it…as a freind of mine noticed: “even this “Nature” of yours must be a bit urbanized through interventions in colors”. I must admit that this note opened my eyes too :)

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B.De = Berlin Detail –

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Battle of the Titans

Collage is a combination of all other themes. Of course…the name says everythig.

I didn’t try, hard and heavy, to express my political standing here, even if it looks like it. This is my political statement but more in another direction: “political feelings of past and present times represented thorugh photos of objects of art. Combined using technology. Politic is for me more about society and issues and not the boring part in parlaments or parties..

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B.De = Berlin Detail – Body

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This picture is the result of one of the long walks through Berlin. I had my best shoes on…that’s why I use the part of the song below…

“I would tell you about the things
They put me through

The pain Ive been subjected to
But the lord himself would blush
The countless feasts laid at my feet
Forbidden fruits for me to eat
But I think your pulse would start to rush”

Depeche Mode – Walking in my shoes

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B.De = Berlin Detail – Art

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“Art” part contains pictures of different objects of art to be found in Berlin. Sometimes it is one object and its variations sometimes more of them.
All these objects were and are very inspirational for me… often I have no idea why… they simply inspired me as one part of Berlin and in through this inspiration they become a part of B.De (Berlin Detail).

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